It can be hard to keep track of what Loki is up to across the span of three movies. The purpose of this page is to clearly delineate Loki's story in a format that is easy to digest while focusing solely on his character. You can use the links below to jump to a specific movie, or simply scroll down to view the entirety of his story.



● Odin finds infant Loki abandoned in a Jotun temple at the end of Asgard's war with Jotunheim and decides to adopt him as his own son.

● Loki is raised as one of two princes of Asgard alongside Odin's own son, Thor.

● Frigga teaches Loki the power of magic and illusions.

● Loki allows a hanful of Jotuns inside of Asgard on the day of Thor's coronation in order to delay his brother becoming king.

● He accompanies Thor and their friends to Jotunheim. Loki soon realizes he is not harmed by Jotun touch and his skin temporarily turns blue around the area.

● Loki lifts the Casket of Ancient Winters once safely in Asgard, only to realize in disbelief that all of his skin turned blue and his eyes turned red, just like the Jotuns he encountered earlier.

● Loki confronts Odin about his realization and is devastated to find out he is really Laufey's son. He is further hurt by hearing Odin admit he took him because he had hopes to maintain peace between Asgard and Jotunheim through Loki.

● Loki becomes the King of Asgard until Odin wakes from his "Odinsleep" with his mother's permission.

● Loki refuses to undo Thor's banishment when approached by their friends.

● He goes to Earth and lies to Thor by telling him Odin is dead and that their mother forbids his return to Asgard.

● Loki returns to Jotunheim, saying he is gong to repair the damage Thor did. He instead offers to sneak Laufey and a few other Frost Giants into Asgard in order to kill Odin while he is in the Odinsleep. As compensation, he would return the Casket of Ancient Winters to Jotunheim.

● Loki sends The Destroyer to kill Thor and his friends.

● Loki uses the Casket to freeze Heimdall and allow the Frost Giants to enter Asgard. However, once Laufey enters Odin's chambers, Loki betrays him by taking his life.

● He opens the Bifrost and leaves the bridge open with the intent of destroying Jotunheim and all the Frost Giants.

● Thor breaks the bridge in order to stop Loki and they both go flying off. Odin catches Thor, who is holding the scepter Loki is hanging on to. After being rejected by Odin, Loki lets go and disappears into a wormhole created by the Bifrost's energy below them.

The Avengers

● After falling through the wormhole, Loki finds himself in a part of the universe that was previously unknown to Asgard. There, he meets The Other, a servant of Thanos.

● Loki agrees to a bargain with The Other that if he retrieves and hands over the Tesseract, the Chitauri would help Loki become the ruler of Earth. Loki is granted ancient knowledge via the power of the Tesseract and with a scepter that is powered by the cube.

● Loki activates the Tesseract at the right moment to allow him to pass through a portal to Earth. He quickly kills a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, uses his scepter to control the minds of both Hawkeye and Erik Selvig as well as a handful of other agents and escapes from the research facility with the Tesseract in hand.

● Once safely away from S.H.I.E.L.D. Loki lets himself enter a trance-like state in order to communicate with The Other. He is warned of what the repercussions would be if he were to betray their trust and that there would be nowhere for him to hide.

● Loki arrives in Germany in order to secure iridium, a substance required to stabilize the portal for the Chitauri army to come to Earth. He crashes a gala and ruthlessly stabs a device into the curator's eye in order for Hawkeye to simultaneously break into a secure room with the iridium.

● Using his power of illusions, Loki corners the crowd of people and demands for them to kneel before him. Loki prepares to kill one older man that challenges him, but is struck down by Captain America instead.

● Loki fights with the upper hand against Captain America until Iron Man arrives and overpowers him. Loki surrenders and allows himself to be captured.

● On the way back to S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor arrives and forcefully takes Loki from the jet. He attempts to reason with his brother, but Loki refuses to give up his plans.

● After Thor, Captain America and Iron Man decide to work together, they bring Loki to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, where he is held in a cell designed to contain the Hulk.

● Loki and Black Widow have a battle of wits during what he believes to be a bargain for Hawkeye's freedom. Instead, she is able to extract his plans to use the Hulk in order to destroy the ship and everyone in it.

● Hawkeye and the other agents being controlled by Loki trace the helicarrier by following the signal from the scepter. They attack, which provokes Bruce Banner to transform into the Hulk and destroy a large portion of the ship. One of the agents frees Loki from his cell.

● Thor rushes to the cell and Loki creates an illusion of himself in order to trick Thor into entering it himself. Loki fatally wounds Agent Coulson and ejects the cell from the helicarrier with Thor inside of it.

● Agent Coulson shakes Loki's confidence in his plans and blasts him with one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new weapons before dying. The injured Loki then slowly makes his way aboard a small jet to escape.

● Loki plans to open the portal for the Chitauri army to pour into Earth at the top of Stark Tower in New York City. After an exchange of wits with Tony Stark, Thor arrives and tries to reason with Loki once more. The two brothers fight and after being disarmed of his scepter, Loki falls off the building onto a Chitauri hover craft in order to continue the ongoing war below.

● Loki is eventually blasted off the craft by one of Hawkeye's exploding arrows and he lands back on Stark Tower. He is then brutally smashed into the ground repeatedly by the Hulk until he can no longer breathe easily, much less move.

● When Loki finally summons enough energy to lift himself up from the ground, he realizes he is face to face with all of the Avengers and surrenders.

● Thor takes both the Tesseract and Loki back to Asgard with him.

Thor: The Dark World

● Loki is brought in front of Odin in chains. He shows no remorse for what he did on Earth and believes he was simply acting as a benevolent god.

● Odin sentences him to spend the rest of his life in the dungeon and reminds him the only reason he is even alive is because Frigga still thinks of him as a son. He, however, will never see her again.

● He observes as one of the Kursed breaks out of a cell and begins to release a number of the prisoners. Despite the Kursed not letting him out, he advises it to take the stairs to the left with a grin on his face.

● Loki is deeply enraged and in despair when he hears news of Frigga's death at the hands of Malekith. He destroys the interior of his cell with his powers out of anger.

● Thor, desperate to help his love, comes to Loki with a proposition. He wishes for him to sneak the two of them and Jane out of Asgard so they are able to defeat Malekith before he attacks Asgard once more. Loki agrees and seems impressed with his brother's plan.

● The trio arrive in Svartalfheim before Malekith and his people. Loki asks Thor once more to remove the handcuffs once Malekith is in sight. Thor complies, only for Loki to stab him and throw him down the hill toward the enemy. He cuts Thor's arm off as he tries to summon his hammer. Loki then grabs Jane and throws her towards Malekith, claiming his allegiance to them in order to spite Asgard.

● As Malekith drains the last of the Aether from Jane's body, Loki reveals Thor's injuries as simply an illusion and Thor attacks the Aether with his lightning.

● Loki sees one of the dark elf vortex weapons being utilized and pushes Jane out of the way before she can get sucked in. Unfortunately, he begins to be pulled in instead. Thor then saves his brother.

● As he is fighting dark elves, Loki notices Thor about to be killed by one of the Kursed in the distance. He manages to stab it in time to save his brother, but is then impaled himself. The Kursed is then destroyed because Loki also attached an explosive to it.

● Loki begins to pale and is barely holding onto life. Thor promises to tell Odin of what he did, but Loki insists he didn't do it for Odin. His eyes close and his skin returns to his natural blue color while in Thor's arms.

● An Asgardian warrior is shown reporting to Odin that Loki's body was found in Svartalfheim.

● At the end of the movie, Thor walks away from a seemingly heartfelt conversation with his father. However, once he is gone, the image of Odin changes into none other than Loki himself! Loki grins and thanks Thor for declining the throne.

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